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Mayapack elevates brands to a higher level. Our rich product variety of luxury paper bags, j-cut turn top automatic bags, soft boxes, rigid boxes, corrugated boxes and take away packaging products meets global quality standards.

Embark On A Journey Through Mayapack's Remarkable Evolution​

Mayapack continues its journey, which started with the production of luxury paper bags in the Turkish market in 2011, has spread to the entire European market since 2016, by adding soft boxes, rigid boxes, take-away packaging products and automatic bags to its product range.
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The perfection of automation
is redefining the "Luxury Paper Bag"...

"The 'Luxury Paper Bag" which plays an important role in shopping and gift presentations, is being redefined at Mayapack. The perfection of automation and high quality come together with luxury. Here is Mayapack's luxury paper bag manufacturing line!"

Get to know us and our products closely...​

Today, we started our luxury cardboard bag adventure with great excitement and a little anxiety, with the power of our internal motivation; Our wide range of paper/cardboard based products continues with our high quality awareness and wide logistics network. You can get to know us better by examining our catalogues.​

Featured Products

Luxury paper bags, automatic turn top j-cut paper bags, economic paper bags, soft paper boxes, rigid boxes, take away boxes and much more...

Why Mayapack?

High Quality

We are committed to continually improving the quality of our products and services for the best possible customer experience. Our production meets world-class standards, and our production areas are audited by internationally accredited organizations.

Logistics Network

Mayapack facilitates delivery with smart and flexible logistic infrastructure and ensura on-time and reliable delivery, especially in Europe.​

Professional Organization

We work with experts’ Our team, consist of highly experienced experts in design and production stages provides comfort and simplifies your projects. We understand your goals and needs, and we believe that our professional collaboration will add value to your success.​​

Fast & Easy Delivery

Our extensive supply chain and wide logistics network amonug Europe. Strong logistics infrastructure ensures the fast and seamless delivery of all customer orders.​

Product Variety

Enjoy the freedom of product variety and explore the limitless possibilities of design with Mayapack. With enhanced packaging alternatives, your brand identity will always stand out. We collaborate with brands from every industry to create awe-inspiring packaging solutions with our tried and tested packaging approach.

Quality and Sustainability: Two Concepts, One Meaning.

Quality is the heartbeat of our operations... At Mayapack, quality and sustainability are integrated. We are environmentally responsible by ensuring the efficient use of natural resources and energy in production.

Through effective quality management, we not only offer cost-effective solutions to our customers by efficiently using resources such as raw materials and energy but also prioritize environmental care.

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