Logistics Management​​

Logistics, which is the backbone of all supply and delivery chain of Mayapack, has a pivotal role covering planning, quality, delivery deadlines, and environmental priorities.

As a leading manufacturer and exporter in our industry, Mayapack has the logistics power that shortens the distance between Turkey and Europe! Our robust logistics infrastructure, not only optimizes production processes by ensuring the right materials are available at the right time, from raw material procurement to order delivery but also facilitates your exports with different organizations applied according to countries.

With our efficient logistics management, we minimize transportation costs, storage expenses, and delays, providing our customers with “door-to-door” logistics services at the most competitive costs without any additional charges.

neutral Delivery

Moreover, with “neutral delivery,” we provide reliable logistics services for our customers’ customers as well. As a partner who understands and analyzes the complex structure of supply chains, routes, and regulations, we are with you on your packaging journey. With logistics solutions that enhance reliability, efficiency, and sustainability, we easily and quickly connect to every country in Europe.

Our comprehensive logistics network provides personalized attention and expertise like a local service provider while navigating complex international shipping arrangements.

Maya Packingdom Distribution GMBH

As Mayapack, we provide significant benefits to our customers in Europe by implementing procedures that ensure 100% customer satisfaction at every stage of order.

Through our distribution company based in Germany, “Maya Packingdom Distribution GmbH” , we not only reduce costs with the billing option but also simplify the relevant customs procedures.

Our Expanding Logistics Network in Europe and Duty-Free Delivery Services to Many Countries

Our company; Maya Packingdom Distribution GmbH, where we carry out our European logistics operations, has expanded its distribution network by establishing transfer warehouses and customs clearance points in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and France.

We will offer the tax and customs clearance advantages we provide to our customers to a wider audience and will continue our work in line with these targets in the new year without slowing down.

Providing faster and more reliable service to our customers by improving our logistics operations will always be a fundamental part of our business. In the new year, we will continue to grow and expand in Europe by optimizing our processes with new projects.

Mayapack's Logistics Advantages​

Contributions With DAP Implementation

Delivered at Place (DAP) is an international shipping arrangement that benefits both buyers and sellers. It allows for the delivery of goods to a location determined by the buyer.

Benefits of DDP

We offer our customers the convenience of “Delivered Duty Paid” where we not only take responsibility for delivering orders to the destination chosen by the buyer but also handle all customs duties, taxes, and import customs procedures. 

Custom Solutions​

We understand that one size does not fit all. We work closely with you to design customized logistics plans tailored to your needs to ensure efficient and secure deliveries.


Our commitment to up-to-dateness and reliability is unwavering. We meticulously plan and monitor every step of the logistics process to ensure your paper-based packaging arrives exactly when and where it is needed.

End-To-End Transparency​

We believe in transparency throughout the logistics journey. From tracking and real-time updates to clear communication, we provide feedback to our customers at every stage of the process.


Just as we advocate for eco-friendly packaging, we also expand our commitment to sustainable logistics practices. We optimize routes, minimize emissions, and explore innovative green solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.

Quality Assurance

Our logistics services in perfect compliance with our quality commitment. The same dedication to the production of superior paper-based packaging continues until the packaging is delivered safely and efficiently.