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With the power of our internal motivation, our manufacturing journey, which we started with great excitement and a little anxiety, continues with the same excitement. Our story, which started in 2011 in a small workshop of 300 square meters, continues today with our quality and deadline-oriented productions on a total area of 12 thousand square meters, 8 thousand square meters of which is our factory and 4 thousand square meters of which is our logistics and shipment warehouses.

As Mayapack, we are improving our manufaturing track day by day, aiming to make our business supply chains more robust and flexible. Since our establish, we have grown and strengthened our technological infrastructure with the same diligence, while drawing strength from our human resources, our biggest investment.

Our products, which are the reflection of first-class craftsmanship and require care and precision at every stage of manufacturing, can now also be produced with the technology of our age. The perfection and speed of automation awaits you in Mayapack’s luxury paper bags, turn top j-cut automatic paper bags and soft cardboard boxes.

Luxury Paper Bag Automation

Our new generation Luxury Paper Bag manufacturing line is designed for high quantity and high quality manufacturing with fully automated machines. It is ideal for manufacturing strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing luxury paper bags at high speed and low cost. These machines automatically fold and glue the body of paper bags. It also automatically inserts up to 4 upper reinforcement cartons and aligns and automatically inserts and glues the lower reinforcement carton.

Turn Top J-Cut Automatic Bag Automation

With automatic carton bag folding and gluing machines, it provides high efficiency and precision in production and aims to make a new generation of production instead of traditional manual labor. Basically, its main purpose is to produce high quality and private label luxury cardboard bags. Luxury cardboard bags produced by these machines are often preferred by high-end retail stores and luxury brands to package and present their products to their customers. With us, you will discover your potential in the luxury paper bag industry.

Soft Cardboard Box Automation

Thanks to our new manufacturing track in box production, we are starting a new era in this field with our infrastructure suitable for automation. We make box production faster, more precise and more efficient with our state-of-the-art machinery to meet our customers’ demands and offer alternative products. We are at your side to offer solutions for your customized box orders with our new machines that combine speed, precision and quality to increase the quality of our products and shorten delivery times.

Automation Processes

Luxury Paper Bag Automation Line

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Turn Top J-Cut Paper Bag Automation Line

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