Bag Boxes

Bag Boxes

Versatile Design That Reflects Your Style… Adapting to the dynamic pace of modern life, bag box reflect your style with their stylish design and superior functionality. They are carefully designed to meet all your needs with functional details.

Introducing our premium Bag Boxes, meticulously crafted from high-quality paper to meet the highest standards of durability and elegance. These boxes are designed with precision to ensure robust protection for your valuable contents, making them an ideal choice for a variety of applications. The superior quality paper used in manufacturing not only enhances the strength and resilience of each box but also ensures an eco-friendly solution that aligns with sustainable practices.

Our Bag Boxes boast exceptional durability, offering reliable performance even under demanding conditions. The sturdy construction ensures that your items are securely enclosed, providing peace of mind during transport and storage. The refined aesthetic of the paper adds a touch of sophistication, making these boxes perfect for both personal and professional use.

 Raw Materials Paper Type & Weight

White Kraft: 130 – 160 – 200 g

Brown Kraft: 160 – 185 – 200 – 230 – 250 g

Bristol Paper: 190 – 210 – 230 – 250 g

Coated Paper: 150 – 170 – 200 – 250 g

Grass Paper: 175 g

Special Papers: 150 – 170 – 200 – 230 – 250 g

  • Offset Printing,
  • UV Printing,
  • Silk Screen Printing,
  • Lamination,
  • Emboss/Deboss,
  • Foiling,
  • UV Lack,
  • Pattern Emboss,
  • Window,
  • PVC.
  • Rope: Cotton, PP, Polyester, Paper,
  • Ribbon: Satin, Grosgrain, Herringbone, Polyester, Twisted Paper, Flat Ribbon, Paper Ribbon,
  • Eyelet,
  • Euro Hook.
Minimum Order Quantity 1.000 Pieces

With a focus on quality, our Bag Boxes are engineered to resist wear and tear, maintaining their integrity over time. Whether you are looking to present gifts, store products, or organize belongings, these boxes deliver unmatched reliability and style. Choose our Bag Boxes for an unparalleled combination of strength, sustainability, and elegance, ensuring your items are always protected and presented in the best possible manner.




  • Ease of Assembly,
  • Stackability,
  • Enhanced Customer Perception,
  • Brand Loyalty and Recognition,
  • Convenient for Customers,
  • Adaptable to Various Foods.


  • Recyclable Materials,
  • Biodegradable Options,
  • Eco-Friendly Printing,
  • Sustainable Sourcing,
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint,
  • Energy-Efficient Manufacturing,
  • Minimal Packaging Waste,
  • Promotes Reuse,
  • Supports Circular Economy,
  • Customer Awareness and Engagement.
  • Retail,
  • Fashion,
  • Luxury Goods,
  • Cosmetics,
  • E-commerce,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Subscription Services,
  • Technology,
  • Food Delivery,
  • Book Publishing,
  • Apparel,
  • Electronics,
  • Medical Supplies,
  • Office Supplies,
  • Art Supplies,
  • Home Decor,
  • Printing Services,
  • Health & Wellness Products,
  • Educational Materials,
  • Gourmet Food,
  • Craft Supplies,
  • Financial Documents.


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