Cardboard Training from KASAD


Cardboard Training from KASAD

This week, we once again learned about the importance and value of cardboard, one of the fundamental building blocks and raw materials of our industry. A training titled “Cardboard: Production, Types, and Characteristics” was conducted at our factory in Bağcılar by Mr. Erol Gül, the Secretary General of the Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers Association (KASAD).

The training, which was not only a sharing of information but also a source of inspiration due to its content, was attended by our quality, business development, export, marketing, purchasing, and production departments. In this rich learning experience, not only the place of cardboard in the production and marketing world was emphasized, but also its environmental importance.

We sincerely thank Mr. Erol Gül for his valuable contributions, including detailed technical information about the use of cardboard in various sectors and products.

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