About Us

In its journey that started in 2011, Mayapack has grown rapidly, thanks to its customer satisfaction and quality-oriented approach, and has continuously expanded its production capacity and machinery park, as a result of which it has strengthened its place in the sector. At the beginning, Mayapack specialized in the manufacturing of luxury cardboard bags and served well-established brands, and in a short time it made a name for itself and seized cooperation opportunities with leading brands in various sectors in Turkey.

Mayapack, which stepped into the European market in 2016, made customer visits with a door-to-door marketing model and quickly received its first export orders. By opening up to the European market, it increased its export rates in a short time and soon became an international brand with this success.

Despite the difficulties encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayapack established a distribution company in Germany in 2020 and created a dedicated distribution network in Europe. Mayapack continued its investments in 2021 and built a new factory of 8,000 squaremeter. It started technology investments in 2022, transitioned to 100% automation-oriented production processes and significantly increased its production capacity.

By developing a special ERP software in 2023, Mayapack improved its production performance and service quality, and increased its efficiency and operational effectiveness by making business processes more integrated with its new system. At its current location, it enjoys the advantages of having a high production capacity with its experienced team of 160 people, 8,000 m2 production and 4,000 m2 storage area. In addition to its expertise in cardboard bag production, it has expanded its product range by producing a wide variety of box models and take away service products in different raw materials with the investments it has made.

Mayapack offers significant advantages to its customers by serving with 100% customer satisfaction within the scope of processes ranging from ordering to production, from design support to logistics services. Thanks to its distribution center Maya Packingdom Distribution GmbH in Germany, it offers European invoicing option to its customers, who are generally packaging wholesalers, provides duty-free delivery and minimizes order costs.

Mayapack always adopts innovative approaches to exceed customer expectations and constantly improve its processes in line with its goals. With its mission of making social and environmental contributions, it moves forward with firm steps into the future and strengthens its competitive position in the sector.


To be the most valuable industrial company that has gained expertise in every stage of the production and distribution of packaging products and to provide permanent advantages by creating differences in our sector. To make the Mayapack brand a world brand by increasing its effectiveness in international markets.​


While designing safe, high-quality, cost-effective products, our priority is to build the most efficient operation that is sustainable and open to development. In addition, to comply with the work schedule we have agreed with our customers and to help the career development of Mayapack employees while doing all this.​


Customer Focus​

We perceive our customers’ needs quickly and accurately, and take an agile, proactive and innovative approach to meet their changing expectations for a better operation.


We form the basis of our understanding of operational excellence with the effective use of technology in all areas, lean business processes, defined business conduct systematics, and data-based and fast decision-making systems.

Human Resources​

We believe that our human resources, who are educated, experienced, have a high sense of belonging and ownership, are open to all science-based developments, value information sharing and the spirit of unity, have adopted a participatory management approach and success-oriented work, are one of our most important values on the path of Science, Unity and Success.

Ethical Stance​

We act transparently and in accordance with international business ethics rules. We prioritize the highest moral values in all decisions and relationships, and carefully observe laws and legal rules.

Commitment To Cooperation​

We attach great importance to open communication, honesty and fair management in our relationships by establishing good-faith, fair and mutual value-creating relationships with all our business partners and their employees.

Leadership Feature​

While we manage our talents with our unique leadership elements aimed at customer expectations inherent in our genetic codes, we maintain our leading attitude in our industry every period by investing in opportunities that have not been tried before in order to do the best.

Innovative Attitude​

We value innovation and creativity in all our functions that we activate towards our goals. We invest in innovation, technology, design and R&D, and work to be the pioneer of change and the address of firsts.

Privacy Sensitivity​

We take care to protect the privacy and private information of our customers, suppliers, employees and other relevant persons and organizations we work with.


Customer Satisfaction Index (CMI) Increase​

We aim to provide customized services and products by creating data analysis and customer segmentation.

New Product and Service Development

We aim to expand our customer portfolio by developing new products and services that meet our customers’ expectations.

Fast And Effective Customer Service

We plan to respond to customer demands faster and more effectively by optimizing the return processes to our customers.

Development of Customer Loyalty Program

We plan to increase customer loyalty by creating innovative and impressive customer loyalty programs.

Strengthening Digital Presence

With our innovative digital infrastructure, we aim to develop B2B strategies such as creating demand, receiving offers, placing orders and order tracking.

Customer Training and Information

We aim to provide regular trainings to customers about
products and services and create informative content.

Development of Logistic and Distribution Processes

While delivering products to our customers quickly, we
plan to create a wide storage and distribution network by
customizing our distribution channels with low-cost and
effective logistics operations.

Customized Customer Experience

We aim to provide customized services and products by creating data analysis and customer segmentation.

Accelerating Employee Development

We aim to support the creativity of our employees with
internal projects that encourage innovation.

Saving Labor, Time and Energy

We aim to save labor and time by optimizing our business processes in terms of energy usage and how we can use resources more efficiently in our factory and organizational processes.

Increasing Our Market Share

We aim to increase our sales performance by strengthening marketing efforts to reach a wider target audience.

Determination of Strategic Partners

By making new investments in developing our activities in Europe, we aim to create opportunities to establish strategic partnerships and collaborations in the future.

Social Responsibility Projects

We plan to focus on environmental sustainability projects in order to fulfill our responsibilities towards society.

Our Memberships