Paper Bags With Window/PVC

Paper Bags With Window/PVC

Display your products as if they were in a showcase… Our paper bags with windows, where the contents are displayed in an eye-catching way, highlight your products and add a unique style to your brand. This elegant design with transparent window will make your customers love your products at first sight.

Introducing our premium Paper Bags with Window/PVC, meticulously crafted to combine functionality with elegance. Designed for durability and sustainability, these bags are the ideal choice for businesses seeking to enhance their product presentation while maintaining environmental consciousness. Our paper bags are made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, ensuring a sturdy and reliable solution for all your packaging needs.

The integrated PVC window offers a clear view of the contents, providing an attractive display that entices customers and adds value to your products. Perfect for showcasing bakery items, gifts, and specialty products, the transparent window highlights the quality and appeal of the contents within.

Our manufacturing process adheres to the highest standards, ensuring each bag is robust and capable of withstanding everyday use without compromising on aesthetic appeal. The reinforced handles offer additional strength, making them convenient for carrying heavier items. These bags are also fully customizable, allowing you to add your branding for a personalized touch.

 Raw Materials Paper Type & Weight

White Kraft: 130 – 160 – 200 g

Brown Kraft: 160 – 185 – 200 – 230 – 250 g

Bristol Paper: 190 – 210 – 230 – 250 g

Coated Paper: 150 – 170 – 200 – 250 g

Grass Paper: 175 g

Special Papers: 150 – 170 – 200 – 230 – 250 g

  • Offset Printing,
  • UV Printing,
  • Silk Screen Printing,
  • Lamination,
  • Emboss/Deboss,
  • Foiling,
  • UV Lack,
  • Pattern Emboss,
  • Window,
  • PVC.
  • Rope: Cotton, PP, Polyester, Paper,
  • Ribbon: Satin, Grosgrain, Herringbone, Polyester, Twisted Paper, Flat Ribbon, Paper Ribbon,
  • Eyelet,
  • Euro Hook.
Minimum Order Quantity 1.000 Pieces

By choosing our Paper Bags with Window/PVC, you invest in a packaging solution that is both practical and stylish, enhancing your brand’s reputation and commitment to quality. Opt for these bags to impress your customers and ensure your products stand out with a perfect blend of durability and sophistication.




  • Ease of Assembly,
  • Stackability,
  • Enhanced Customer Perception,
  • Brand Loyalty and Recognition,
  • Convenient for Customers,
  • Adaptable to Various Foods.


  • Recyclable Materials,
  • Biodegradable Options,
  • Eco-Friendly Printing,
  • Sustainable Sourcing,
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint,
  • Energy-Efficient Manufacturing,
  • Minimal Packaging Waste,
  • Promotes Reuse,
  • Supports Circular Economy,
  • Customer Awareness and Engagement.
  • Bakery,
  • Confectionery,
  • Tea Shops,
  • Coffee Shops,
  • Seed Companies,
  • Spice Shops,
  • Craft Stores,
  • Stationery,
  • Jewelry,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Medical Supplies,
  • Retail,
  • Apparel,
  • Electronics,
  • Gift Shops,
  • Health & Wellness,
  • Home Decor,
  • Packaging Services,
  • Specialty Food Stores.


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