Pop-Up Boxes

Pop-Up Boxes

Foldable and accessorizable pop-up boxes allow for designs that make product presentations more impressive. Pop-up boxes, which are indispensable tools for special occasion gifts, make the presentation unforgettable and add value to the product inside.

Raw Materials Paper Weight: 250 G – 350 G Range

Paper Type: White Kraft, Brown Kraft, Bristol, CKB, 1. Dough, Speciality Papers

Printing Applications Offset Printing, UV Printing, Screen Printing
Post Printing Applications Lamination, Grain, Foil Gilding, Local Lacquer, Emboss/Deboss
Accessories Rope: Cotton, PP, Polyester

Ribbon: Satin, Grosgrain, Herringbone, Polyester

Piece Minimum Order Quantity: 1.000 Pieces

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